Who we are as a Foundation

In the heart of Africa lies a promise, a promise of potential, talent, and dreams that shoot for the stars. At the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation, we believe in harnessing this potential and turning it into a beacon of hope for the future.


Our Genesis

Born from a passion to elevate the African child, ACTDF was established with a vision to unearth the latent talents of young Africans. From the bustling streets of Lagos to the serene landscapes of Nairobi, we’ve seen talents that deserve a platform, and we’ve made it our mission to provide it.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and promoting the diverse talents of African children. Whether it’s in arts, sports, academics, or leadership, we believe every child has a unique gift. Our programs are designed to not only identify these talents but to also provide the necessary resources, training, and mentorship to turn budding potential into flourishing prowess.

Established to make impact ACTDF Impact

Over the years, ACTDF has transformed the lives of countless young talents, providing them with opportunities they never dreamed possible. We’ve seen children from remote villages grace international stages, scholars from humble backgrounds get recognized in global platforms, and young leaders make impactful changes in their communities.

Meet Our Founder


Engr Noah Dallaji

A beacon of hope in the African philanthropic landscape, Engr. Noah Dallaji stands as a testament to the power of giving back. An engineer by profession, Dallaji’s true calling manifests in his relentless pursuit to unearth and nurture the potential of Africa’s youth. He is the visionary founder of the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF), a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to scouting and supporting young talents across the continent in areas such as sports, arts, and entertainment.

But Dallaji’s impact doesn’t stop at talent discovery. He is a fervent advocate for peace-building, unity, and holistic development in Nigeria and beyond. His contributions, both in terms of resources and leadership, have been pivotal in driving community transformations, fostering unity, and paving the way for the next generation of African leaders.

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