Basketball Upliftment in Liberia: Oyedeji & Dallaji’s Visionary Endeavors with ACTDF

 Basketball Upliftment in Liberia: Oyedeji & Dallaji’s Visionary Endeavors with ACTDF

Liberia’s basketball scene is set to experience a transformative upliftment, thanks to the collaborative initiatives of the African Children Talents Discovery Foundation (ACTDF), championed by its founder, Engr. Noah Dallaji, and ex-D’Tigers skipper, Olumide Oyedeji.

During a strategic visit to Liberia, flanked by Olumide Oyedeji and influential Nigerian investors, Dallaji showcased ACTDF’s commitment to fortifying basketball’s footprint in Africa. This commitment was exemplified by the inauguration of a state-of-the-art basketball court in Monrovia, dedicated to nurturing budding talents.

Speaking at the Nigerian embassy in Monrovia and engaging the Liberian parliament, Dallaji underscored the profound role of youth in sculpting a nation’s future. He advocated for their inclusion in governmental decision-making, emphasizing the conduit of sports as an avenue for youthful expression and empowerment.

Dallaji’s Liberian expedition, he remarked, is a synergy-enhancing venture, aimed at cementing ties between Nigeria and Liberia while concurrently fulfilling ACTDF’s cardinal mission: youth empowerment. The foundation’s commitment was recently manifested at the Legacy U17 Basketball Tournament in Kano, where 14 prodigious talents earned overseas scholarships under ACTDF’s aegis.

Recounting the transformative basketball camp at SKD Indoor Sports Hall, Monrovia, Oyedeji labeled it a resounding triumph. This camp, a blend of basketball training and mentorship, bestowed aspirants with a golden chance to assimilate skills from basketball’s crème de la crème, under Oyedeji’s seasoned guidance.

Adding another feather to the trip’s cap, Dallaji engaged with the academic community at the University of Liberia and shared moments with the erstwhile Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, on the occasion of her 83rd birthday celebrations.